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While Mr. Contractor Referral Services makes a concerted effort to ensure that the information about our Contractors is current and accurate, we CANNOT guarantee that the information is constantly accurate as we generally verify information once a year. The date of the last verification will be listed on the Contractor Profile. It is very important for USERS of our service to independently verify any of the information about the Contractor that is important to them, such as warranty registration, licensing, insurance, etc. Thus, our Contractor Profile contains information (registration numbers etc.) with which a USER can independently verify information.

Mr. Contractor also endeavours to collect and compile information about the performance of Contractors from our USERS but this information is necessarily based on what a USER or Contractor discloses. Mr. Contractor Referral Services cannot be held liable for the accuracy or completeness of this information.

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"Prior to hiring Mr. Contractor, we hired a 'handy man' who bit into something more than what he could handle. It was a nightmare. The previous contractor led us on about the jobs being done, and the time they were going to be done. Needless to say, he never finished the job because he was not capable of doing it. Honestly, it was a 'Holmes on Homes' episode! Once Mr. Contractor came into the picture, the jobs were being done by professionals, on time! It was scary hiring someone to start a job that someone else began, but Mr. Contractor made the transition easy. From day one, Mr. Contractor gave us a quote, the right qualified persons for the right jobs. We will always be thankful for the great job done each time we step foot in the finished area."

Francisco Aviles

I've been very pleased with the level of service I've received from Mr. Contractor and now use the service on a regular basis for our home and rental properties. Mr. Stephens is very professional and sincere in his desire to provide the best customer service possible.

S. Green

S. Green

“Fabulous. I can't say enough about how amazing each tradesperson was to work with. Every individual that I met was pleasant, listened to what I wanted or though and did their very best to produce my vision. And then there was Dave who oversaw everything. Dave called or dropped by daily to ensure everything was proceeding as planned (and responded with grace and humour when I occasionally changed a plan!). Dave's common sense approach to my renos helped me relax about everything. It's hard to trust someone to take apart and then put back together your home, but Dave inspired absolute trust and confidence. I added in a few things as we proceeded and was expecting that my changes would add quite a bit to the contract price that Dave and Lida Homes had providing to me. I was wrong the 'add ins' that I wanted were less than $1,000 above the original contact price!! . I can't say enough about the work Dave and Lida Homes did for me! Thank you!!!”

Coinna Craig

Corrina Craig

Mr. Contractor Referral Services referred Lida Homes to renovate our en-suite and main bathroom. My fiance and I had very little experience on this type of project and Dave, with Lida Homes, was of great assistance. Dave understood our goals and ensured those goals were met. Any concerns we had during the project Dave ensured that they were corrected to our satisfaction. Throughout our project Dave displayed that customer satisfaction was of the utmost importance. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our project and the bathrooms look great! Our decision to go with Lida Homes was definitely the right one considering all the horror stories we heard about other contractors.

Thank you Dave and Lida Homes,

Wendy and Darrell

Darrell and Wendy
Lida Homes Inc.